Stronger Story Narratives for Writers and Authors

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"No story lives unless someone wants to listen."  -J.K.Rowling

Stronger Story Narratives for Writers and Authors is an introductory or foundational course designed for storytellers of all kinds. Whether you're an old crusty scriptwriter or a burgeoning new student of creative writing, Drake will deliver concepts in a remarkable way that every writer will benefit from.

43 Lessons

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The Mindset of a Professional Writer (Part One)

You Can't Write the Way You Talk

Discover how writing as a skill benefits you as a writer.

Writing is a Skill, Not a Talent

Shifting your mindset about writing as a talent to writing as a skill.

Writing is ALSO a Talent

Discovering Aspects of Story Telling vs the Writing Skill

Knowledge DOES NOT Hurt Creativity

Mindset Shift: Knowledge adds to your Creative Powers

The Mindset of a Professional Writer (Part Two)

Storytelling is a Job

Understanding the Difference Between a Fan Mentality and a Professional Mentality

Writers are Unique, but Not Really

Discover whether you are a Pantser or a Plotter, and the Definition of Both

Readers are Your Customers

Learning to Write as a Professional, and not a Fan

Stories are NOT What You Think

A Mindset Shift: Anatomy of a Strong Story Narrative

What is a Fiction Story?

Where to Start

Dissecting the Story Elements & Understanding Reviews/Ratings

Intro: Physical & Invisible Layers of a Story

Gain Clear Comprehension of Physical Layer, Invisible Layer and the Role of Both within a Story

10,000 Foot View of What a Theme Is

An overview of basic outline, and the importance of creating it prior to building the story.

Theme, What is it Really?

The Definition of Theme

Understand exactly what theme is.

Themes are Universal

Discovering the basics of theme and their uses.

Themes are Fact (within the story)

The story has its own set of rules where theme becomes fact.

Major and Minor Themes

Discover the differences between major and minor themes and their uses.

Theme, Why is it Important?

More than just a Question

Understanding the importance of transformation within a story

Reversals at the Theme Level

Discover Theme Reversals and How they Work

Helps keep Your Story Tight and Focused

Using theme to keep your story focused and tight.

Theme Structure Theory


Introduction to Allegories

Internal vs. External Themes

Comparison of Theme Types

Matrix of an Internal Theme

Deeper dive into Internal Theme concepts.

Matrix of an External Theme

Deeper dive into External Theme concepts.

Using a Theme to Create Your Story

How to Find Your Theme

Exploring story structure through theme.

Theme Tells You Where Your Story Starts

Transformation is Vital

Theme Tells You What Your Inciting Incident Is

Understanding Character's Journey

Theme Tells You What ACT II Needs

Using Theme for Story Structure

Theme Tells You What Your Overcome Is

Role and Purpose of the Overcome

Show Your Story, Don’t Tell It! (Part One)

Use Stronger Verbs

Verb Analysis

Kill Adverbs

Examining Adverb Usage

Avoid Bland Linking Verbs

Recognizing Good and Bad Linking Verbs

Active Voice, not Passive Voice

Identifying passive voice.

Basics of Point of View (Part One)

What is POV

Understanding the importance of choosing the correct POV

What is Narrative Tense

Examining role and importance of tense choice

1st Person Overview

An introduction to 1st Person POV

2nd Person Overview

An introduction to 2nd Person POV

3rd Person Overview

An introduction to 3rd Person POV

Deeper into 3rd Person POV's

A deeper look into types of 3rd Person POV

Basics of Point of View (Part Two)

Point of View Discussion

A casual discussion before moving on to 1st Person Advantages

Advantages of 1st Person PoV

Deeper look into advantages of 1st person PoV's

Disadvantages of 1st Person

Deeper look into disadvantages of 1st person PoV's

COMING SOON: Advantages & Disadvantages of 3rd Person Limited

COMING SOON: Advantages & Disadvantages of 3rd Person Free Indirect Discord